Do you need to advertise your business and bring more clients and customers through your door? Cinegaze has you covered! At Cinegaze we can create commercial based advertising that is both engaging and entertaining while highlighting your business, services, and products. The best commercial is a commercial that everyone remembers. Whether it be funny, heartwarming, or action packed, our staff of writers can help you write your commercial to tell a fun or motivating story within that short time that your commercial airs.

In order to maximize the value of your production day, our staff of writers will also write your commercial so it can be made into a full one minute version of your commercial, a thirty second version of your commercial and even a fifteen second version of your commercial. This way you can advertise in all of the time slots available on television, Youtube ads, and social media. It’s like getting multiple commercials for the price of one!

Cinegaze brings your commercial to fruition using a full knowledgable crew of professional cinematographers, lighting, grip and audio specialists. So this way your commercial looks and sounds amazing! If your commercial needs additional actors our casting director can cast the right professional actors to take your commercial to the next level!

In Post Production our staff of editors will cut your commercial together flawlessly while our keen eyed color graders will polish the picture while adding a style on to its own. Our editors will also add custom animated graphics and titles to really make your commercial pop while being visually appealing.
Every good commercial needs music to convey an extra layer of emotion and drive the story forward. Here at Cinegaze we also staff music composers that will compose music specifically for your commercial! No generic stock music used here!

Once your commercial is done and completed, you need to get it out there. Our team of marketing specialists can help you get your commercial up on all major advertising platforms such as major television networks and internet streaming services.

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Anthony Paglia Injury Lawyer: One Minute Ad

Anthony Paglia Injury Lawyer: Thirty Second Ad

Anthony Paglia Injury Lawyer: Fifteen Second Ad

Anthony Paglia Injury Lawyer Motorcycle: One Minute Ad

Anthony Paglia Injury Lawyer Motorcycle: Thirty Second Ad

Anthony Paglia Injury Lawyer Testimonial: Ad #1

Anthony Paglia Injury Lawyer Testimonial Ad: #2

Coaching Pros: Thirty Second Ad

Coaching Pros: Fifteen Second Ad